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At Restorative Health Center we love when patients share their experience with us after and during care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what the experience of others has been.

For 15 months I had suffered from extreme fatigue. Since I had always been a high-energy person this was most difficult for me. Mentally, I was telling myself that it was just the stress of my life, job, getting older etc. that was the problem but it only got worse. I was so fatigued I would have to go to my car on my lunch break to take a nap just so I could make it through my afternoon. Driving home at the end of my workday there were time that I thought I would have to pull over and nap before I got home. After being diagnosed with hypothyroidism I was referred to Dr. Maureen by a friend of mine. I have thanked her numerous times!

From the very first meeting with Dr. Maureen which was an in depth one on one health history, I have never in my life felt that someone really cared about my whole health and well being as she does! Due to her amazing knowledge and ability to figure out what supplements by body needed I now feel like my old energetic self! I will never be able to thank you enough and I look forward to ongoing checkups to keep me at my optimal health!

Linda S.

Before coming to see Dr. Maureen I had “painful, irregular menstrual cycles, acne and mood swings?”
Since beginning my program with Dr. Maureen, “my cycles are regular. My skin looks do good. My PMS is minimal. I discovered food sensitivities that I now avoid and have lost weight and feel much better. I’ve been so happy with my progress in less than a year. It’s all definitely been worth it.”
Irene B.

Dr. Maureen Passifiume make dreams come true! After having three miscarriages, I was beginning to think that having a child was not possible. Dr. Maureen has shown me that it is possible, even for a 41 year old with hashimotos thyroiditis. After a very thorough evaluation of my history, Dr. Maureen recommended supplements that quickly helped me feel physically better and started to heal my body. Her nutrition recommendations helped to strengthen my hormones, thyroid and body to support a health pregnancy. She made herself available to me, even after business hours to consult about any concerns I had. She also gave me excellent recommendations for other health care providers that could help with my fertility and pregnancy. Dr. Maureen takes her time and listens to her patients. She cares about them, is committed to their health goals and is a wealth of information. As I write this at 8+ moths pregnant, I am so thankful to Dr. Maureen and her unwavering support of this pregnancy and my health. I look forward to continuing care and good health with Dr. Maureen.

Catherine R.

I begin my telling you this story has a happy ending. I am writing this as my beautiful, healthy, vibrant 6 month old plays next to me. However, the journey to this point has been a long one. I suppose it really begins before we were even ready for children.

I had terribly painful periods since I was 15 which were sometimes debilitating. Later in life my husband and I began trying for a family with only disappointment for the past 7 years. In the last 4 years we experience 3 heartbreaking miscarriages. All the doctors and tests kept showing I was “perfectly health” although I knew deep down there had to be a reason. So, with the amazing help of my husband we researched, found new doctors and I underwent an exploratory laparoscopy in Omaha. They found I had stage 4 endometriosis throughout my reproductive system and poly cystic ovaries. We were shocked at the video and photos by how substantial the growth had become but it finally explained so much. The surgeon then recommended a full surgery, removing the endometriosis by knife and sectioning off my ovaries to cut out the poly cystic growth.

As a Chiropractor and health practitioner I knew there had to be another option. I wanted to get to the source of this problem rather than just have it cut out. My husband and I sprang into action researching, calling on doctor friends and learning all we could to help heal my body from within and avoid such a risky surgery. Then we found Dr. Maureen! I immediately became strict about my gluten-free diet to reduce inflammation. Thanks to the support of my husband going gluten-free himself this was easier than I expected. Dr. Maureen answered so many questions through her nutritional testing and I religiously began taking many supplements specific for my thyroid, uterus, ovaries and inflammation. I was consistent with weekly adjustments, massage, acupuncture and even cut back my time in my own practice to reduce my stress.

I noticed big changes in the first few months such as my periods became consistent WITHOUT PAIN! Within 9 months of following Dr. Maureen’s nutritional program the true results were revealed. In December of 2011 I was able to have an outpatient, laser surgery for my remaining endometriosis. To my OB’s surprise he found my ovaries showed no signs of poly cystic disease, no inflammation anywhere in my reproductive organs and the endometriosis was 75% gone compared to the previous January. Dr. Parker, who has been so supportive of my holistic methods, was shocked at how little he had to remove with only the laser. He immediately asked what I have been doing and that no doctor has ever seen such internal healing in a person.

The Standard Process formula’s and Dr. Maureen’s expert skills in the field of fertility have absolutely changed my life. Not only has this testing restored my body to have a beautiful baby but more importantly has allowed health on a cellular level so my daughter will have a healthier start to her future.

Heather W.

Before coming to see Dr. Maureen I “was dealing with PMS, feeling sluggish and fertility issues.”

Since beginning my program, “I have more energy and more consistent emotions. Dr. Maureen is very patient, caring and compassionate.”

Hillary S.

I began modifying my health care with Dr. Maureen in July 2012. The first step in treatment by Dr. Maureen involved a complete and thorough health evaluation. This activity included a review of my existing prescribed medications and my family doctor’s evaluation of my health. Upon completion of this review, we initiated a food modification program combined with supplements aimed toward a significant improvement of my general health.

In doing so, I realized the following dramatic improvements:

      1. An 80% reduction in my blood pressure medication.
      2. The elimination of statin medications resulting in minimal change in cholesterol levels.
      3. Elimination of a dental infection that resulted from an earlier tooth extraction and attempted dental implant.
      4. Desired weight loss leading to a significant increase in my energy level and vitality.

These are just a few examples of my goals I obtained under Dr. Maureen’s care. The important matter that I realized going for is that I AM IN CHARGE OF MY HEALTH and I need to become a major decision maker in that effort.

Ernie N.

I was having abdominal pain and could not get a diagnosis. I had seen my OB/GYN and gastroenterologist and had all kinds of test, but no one could figure out what was wrong with me. After starting my program with Dr. Maureen I have a diagnosis and treatment plan. I have lost over 20 pounds and feel like myself again. The pain is much more manageable now when it comes up- and I know why I was have the pain (usually I ate something that doesn’t agree with me). I have peace of mind now.


I’m 45 years old and started feeling like something was “off” with my body, beginning in 2015-2016. I don’t like going to the doctor, so just dealt with it for a while, hoping it would get better. I ate healthy, exercised, drank lots of water and did yoga, but it didn’t get better. The symptoms progressed to the point where my hair was falling out, skin was dry, I felt irritable and constantly fatigued, had zero libido, and was having heavy bleeding and clotting with periods every 21 days lasting 7-10 days. These symptoms wouldn’t relent, so in 2017 I decided to ask my primary care physician to run some bloodwork to see what was going on. She ran a thyroid test and regular bloodwork, and all came back within normal ranges. I didn’t know what to do, so did nothing and just lived with it. Finally in 2019 I decided to take an at-home hormone saliva test. When the results came back I was so relieved, it wasn’t all in my head after all!!! There were several abnormalities that could be causing my issues. A friend of mine told me about Dr. Maureen, so I decided to schedule a visit.

Since I started seeing Dr. Maureen in May 2019, all has significantly improved! I’ve been working with her for 7 months now, and I feel great. My symptoms are almost gone, I’m happier, have way more energy, no clotting, and my periods are almost to normal frequency, all done naturally! Thank you, Dr. Maureen, I’m so grateful for your guidance and ability to make me feel comfortable through the entire process.

Tamara T.

I love how knowledgeable Dr. Maureen is about women’s health specifically fertility and pregnancy. She has a very deep understanding of how a woman’s body works and how to have the best chances of a healthy pregnancy. She’s just a generally warm, caring person and my experiences with her helping me and my family have all been a blessing.

Liz P.

My concerns before coming to see Dr. Maureen were fatigue, low immune system, menopause and back issues. After seeing Dr. Maureen I am no longer tired, almost never sick! I have increased energy. It costs me a lot of money when I miss work and I have to say never getting sick is THE BEST! Also my back is strong and doesn’t give me problems anymore.

Sheri R.

Dr. Maureen has helped with my fatigue, joint pain and problems losing weight. Dr. Maureen ran some tests to determine the underlying causes of my symptoms so that she could treat me more effectively. After several months of treatment, I wasn’t completely sure that everything she was doing was helping so I stopped taking the supplements she had recommended. (I don’t suggest doing this) After being off of the supplements for a few weeks, I felt terrible again! This just confirmed to me that Dr. Maureen is doing a great job for me and really knows her stuff!

The staff is great at the office! Everyone is always so friendly and quick to help with any questions I may have. Everyone treats you like family here!

Lori C.

My life truly changes on July 2, 2012 my first appointment with Dr. Maureen Passifiume. There were things going on with my body that I attributed to age and being a female, I have come to learn it isn’t either of those things. I am a work in progress and I feel so much better and my mother noticed a difference in the way I looked and now is driving once a month from Lebanon Indiana to see Dr. Passifiume.

The most incredible change in my life is getting my battle with depression in check. I have battled with depression for most of my adult life and have tried without success practically all of the anti-depressants on the market with no change. My father committed suicide and I could never understand how he cold get to that place that he felt his only choice was to pull the trigger. This past year I understand where my father was, I made a promise to my children I would never put them through that. That promise is what kept me going. The supplements that I am taking and the change in my diet is what I feel is a miracle in my life. Joy is my favorite word I guess because I have always strived for joy and finally I feel joy! I can’t thank Dr. Passifiume enough for this incredible change in my life!

My regret is I didn’t find Dr. Passifiume sooner but I am excited to continue this journey with Dr. Passifiume and the awesome staff of Restorative Health Center.

Susan A.

My journey with Dr. Maureen began on May 23, 2013. I walked into her office frustrated, tired and searching for what was causing my to feel “off on the inside.” My family doctor ran several tests, many of which came back fine,” prescribed vitamin D and told me that I needed to lose weight. After embarking upon a workout regimen, eating a cleaner diet and taking vitamin D; I still was ridiculously tired and “blue” for no apparent reason. One day, I described my symptoms to a friend and she suggested that I see the naturopathic doctor, Maureen Passifiume. I trusted her so I made the appointment.

That was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Upon my initial visit, I discovered that I had the lowest iron count that Dr. Maureen had ever seen. I also discovered that there was an issue with my thyroid, ovaries and I had gluten and dairy intolerances. No wonder I felt like crap! There was once other thing that weighed on my mind – and that was having a baby at age 40. Dr. Maureen told me that once I removed the toxins from my body, I would be able to conceive.

I began to take the supplements and admittedly “stumble through” this whole gluten and dairy free diet. It was a challenge at first but then I decided ta take one thing and conquer it. I decided to fully commit to eating gluten and dairy free. Ad time went on, I began to feel so much better, lighter, less “blue” and more confident about maintaining a gluten and dairy free diet. I was ready to tackle weight loss. I was making progress and it felt great.

In early October, I was in New York City on a business trip. As I sat in the back seat of a taxi and inhaled all the smalls of the city, I began to get nauseous. That was weird. I had been to New York and ridden in a taxi plenty of times and never got sick. Then it dawned on me that my period was about a week late. When I got home that evening, I took a pregnancy test. It was positive. In disbelief, I purchased two more tests. And yes, those two were positive! I was pregnant.

My husband and I are expecting a baby boy in June and I truly believe that Dr. Maureen was instrumental in me getting pregnant. I am so thankful for having met her.

Toya S.

It was around January 2013, I hear about Dr. Maureen Passifiume through a friend who had recently gone to her for various reasons, none of which were fertility related, but she told me that was her specialty. She shared wonderful things about Dr. Maureen and that I should giver her a call. At this point in my journey to have a baby, I was willing to try anything. I immediately liked that the program was from a holistic, natural perspective.

A brief history on my story, I had had two miscarriages (both at age 35) before being referred to a fertility specialist, where they removed a 5 cm fibroid (to put that in perspective, it was as large as my uterus). It appeared they had found the reason for the miscarriages. After the surgery, they said we could start trying again and gave me a prescription for progesterone, as a precautionary measure. As months went on, we were not getting pregnant (which was never our issue, it was always sustaining the pregnancy).

I started seeing Dr. Maureen around month 7 of trying with no success. During my muscle testing, it was clear that my body was a mess or rather, just needed some extra TLC. I was put on a strict, organic diet (no gluten, dairy or soy) and started taking all my supplements. I did the program for 5 months, and still no luck in a positive pregnancy test. I was starting to lose my patience and my fertility specialist discussed with me other alternatives, none of which I wanted to do (Clomid, injectables and then IVF and in that order). IT was the end of July and I decided the month of August, I was really going to do everything “right” – take all of my supplements, stay on my diet meticulously, work out 4-5 times a week, sleep 8 hours a night, and do the things that I enjoy in life for myself, all the while trying not to concentrate on trying to have a baby. It can be emotionally taxing and very stressful at times. I had really come to my wits end at this point, as it had been a year since my surgery and another year of trying without a baby to hold. I also stopped taking the progesterone that my Doctor had prescribed and promised that if I got a positive pregnancy test, I would immediately start it up again.

Augusts 2013: I did everything I set out to do and honestly, had not felt that great in years. I had energy. My mood was lifted. I felt “light” on all accounts. During my muscle testing up until this point, something was always coming up “weak,” whether it was in my ovaries, pituitary gland or uterus. It was always something. This time around, all of my reflexes came out strong. My arm did not come down for anything! I walked out of Dr. Maureen’s office so encouraged… our hard work was paying off. Two weeks later, I took the dreaded pregnancy test, only to find that it was a YES! I was elated and the first person I wanted to tell besides my husband & parents was Dr. Maureen.

I am now in my 3rd trimester with 5 more weeks until I meet my daughter. Since then, Dr. Maureen detected a weakness in my thyroid (which could be caused from pregnancy) and had me ask for blood work to be completed at my OB’s office. Otherwise, I would not have known. I am so incredibly grateful for her care and concern, her wise counsel, her entire program. She has not only been treating me for my problems, but she has been such an encouragement during this journey. She often had faith this would happen, when I did not. I am forever indebted to her and would highly recommend the Standard Process program to anyone dealing with any sort of issue, not just fertility related.

Kristi V.

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After surgery, radiation therapy and a complete hysterectomy, I found myself in a serious health situation. I was suffering from the effects of both surgeries, radiation and loss of estrogen. I had lost my vitality and energy. My love for life and people had faded. My joy for living and giving back into the lives of people that I work with was gone. The medical doctors suggested that I take medication that would help with my sleep and my emotional wellbeing. I knew in my heart there had to be a better answer.

I met Dr. Maureen six months ago. After our initial consultation, she started me on a program of supplements that would begin to balance my body chemistry and hormones. Within a few weeks I began to feel so much better. My emotions began to balance out. My joy for life was beginning to return. I began to sleep through the night. As the weeks went by, my energy level began to pick up. I found myself being able to work longer, stay up later and enjoy being with people.

I so appreciate how Dr. Maureen takes the time to listen to me. She documented all of my concerns and issues. She took the time to understand my health history and the limitations of my particular situation.

After being on the program that Dr. Maureen prescribed for me, I have continued to improve. I have great energy and am able to begin my exercise program. It has been an honor to be under Dr. Maureen’s care. She has truly taken a personal interest in me. Because of her help and guidance, I am now able to begin to live a full and happy life.

Kimberly D

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