Is Fatigue Controlling Your Life? Discover How Chiropractic Care in Westerville, OH Can Help

It seems as though we are being pulled in every different direction, causing us to be on the go constantly. We go from one event to the next, going to bed late and getting up early to start all over again. As a result of this, we are tired- constantly.

You should understand that being tired doesn’t mean that you are suffering from fatigue. If you feel overly tired and without reason, such as a late-night, jetlagged, or a long week of activities, it may be time to get checked out.


What is Fatigue?

Extreme exhaustion is one of the best ways to describe fatigue. It makes getting out of bed difficult. Doing simple daily tasks nearly impossible, and forget about any type of physical exertion; the thought of it alone is exhausting.

Fatigue will affect every aspect of your life. Here are just some of the symptoms of fatigue,

  • Chronic tiredness or sleepiness.
  • Headache, migraines.
  • Dizziness.
  • Aching or sore muscles.
  • Muscle weakness.
  • Delayed reflexes and responses.
  • Impaired decision-making and judgment.
  • Irritability.

Chronic fatigue is a feeling that you can crash at any time for no reason at all. You’ll find that just sitting at your desk at work, your eyes are heavy, and you could go to sleep. It’s often described as though you can collapse at any moment. Some additional symptoms include problems sleeping, a sore throat, headaches, and/or dizziness.

Acute fatigue is common, and something most of us will experience many times. You didn’t get enough sleep, your job is physically demanding, or you’ve worked long hours. We have a demanding lifestyle both inside and outside of work, and as a result, we wear ourselves out. This is acute fatigue.

What Causes Fatigue?

Chronic fatigue is often a result of a number of medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, thyroid disorder, anemia, arthritis, depression, chronic kidney disease, and fibromyalgia.

While generally, lifestyle choices cause acute fatigue, they also play a significant role in chronic fatigue. When we don’t take proper care of ourselves, our immune system is directly affected, and we become sick.

Here are some things that can ultimately lead to acute or chronic fatigue,

  • An inadequate amount of sleep - too much or too little.
  • Going out drinking alcohol or doing drugs disturbs your sleeping patterns and affects your overall health.
  • Lack of physical activity.
  • Poor eating habits will deprive your body of energy and proper nutrients that is needed to function correctly.
  • Depression, anxiety, and stress from financial issues, an injury, or death in the family can affect your health.

How Do You Cure Fatigue?

There are many ways to treat fatigue, but ultimately uncovering your fatigue’s root cause will allow us to find a successful treatment plan. Most doctors will prescribe medication that will treat your symptom of being tire, but this will not cure your fatigue. As a chiropractor, we want to find the cause and treat that to eliminate your constant fatigue using medicine.

When our spines are misaligned, we are subjected to many health-related conditions, and with regular chiropractic care, your body will begin functioning correctly, and self-healing will begin.

Give us a call today, and we’ll get you started on the road to recovery and back to enjoying life alert, focused, and happy.


What others say about Dr. Passifiume

Before coming to see Dr. Maureen I “was dealing with PMS, feeling sluggish and fertility issues.”

Since beginning my program, “I have more energy and more consistent emotions. Dr. Maureen is very patient, caring and compassionate.”

Hillary S

"Before coming to Restorative Health Center, I had heavy crampy, debilitating periods. And an abnormal pap - cervical & uterine concerns. Since I started my program with Dr. Maureen, my periods have significantly improved - lighter much less cramping. I used to miss a day a month (of work) due to my period pain & fatigue. I haven't missed a day due to my period in months! My cervical & uterine labs have resolved & I have a clean bill of health! Dr. Maureen is capable & compassionate, and listens without judgement."

Tamara T

I was having abdominal pain and could not get a diagnosis. I had seen my OB/GYN and gastroenterologist and had all kinds of test, but no one could figure out what was wrong with me. After starting my program with Dr. Maureen I have a diagnosis and treatment plan. I have lost over 20 pounds and feel like myself again. The pain is much more manageable now when it comes up- and I know why I was have the pain (usually I ate something that doesn’t agree with me). I have peace of mind now.


"Before coming to see Dr. Maureen I had painful, irregular menstrual cycles, acne and mood swings? Since beginning my program with Dr. Maureen, my cycles are regular. My skin looks do good. My PMS is minimal. I discovered food sensitivities that I now avoid and have lost weight and feel much better. I’ve been so happy with my progress in less than a year. It’s all definitely been worth it."

Irene B

My concerns before coming to see Dr. Maureen were fatigue, low immune system, menopause and back issues. After seeing Dr. Maureen I am no longer tired, almost never sick! I have increased energy. It costs me a lot of money when I miss work and I have to say never getting sick is THE BEST! Also my back is strong and doesn’t give me problems anymore.

Sheri R.

I love how knowledgeable Dr. Maureen is about women’s health specifically fertility and pregnancy. She has a very deep understanding of how a woman’s body works and how to have the best chances of a healthy pregnancy. She’s just a generally warm, caring person and my experiences with her helping me and my family have all been a blessing.

Liz P.

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