Protect And Heal Your Family With Chiropractic Care For The Entire Family

As a parent, we want to do everything possible to protect our children and to be around for them as long as we possibly can. You can achieve both naturally with family chiropractic In Westerville, OH

One of the best methods for improving your overall health for both you as the parent and your children is with regular visits to a family chiropractor.

A chiropractor takes care of your spine, and your spine protects your nerves. When your spine is misaligned, it puts pressure on your nervous system, central communication to your entire body. It’s the cause of your back pain, lower back pain, digestive issues, and many other health-related conditions.

By aligning your spine, you’ll improve communication, ultimately improving your immune system, mobility, and eliminating many health conditions.


What exactly does a chiropractor do?

When you first think of a chiropractor, the first thing that you think of is the spine, joints, and muscles. While this is true, there is much more than just giving your relief to your pain. They can improve your overall health by improving the nutrients your body absorbs and improving your immune system. This can be achieved with spinal manipulation, also called adjustment.

There are many incredible benefits to your body’s physical function, allowing you to live a healthy and active life so that you can continue riding bikes and playing baseball or soccer with your children.

What does a child chiropractor do? The same treatments for adults are used for children but with slightly different techniques. The development of your child’s spine is essential to preventing many conditions such as ear infections, asthma, allergies, and respiratory issues.

Children are incredibly active, always on the go running and jumping to get there, as well as playing sports increases the risk of injuries. Their spines get misalignment and subject them to food allergies, behavioral problems, and a weakened immune system.

Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Adults and Children?

The simple answer is yes! Multiple studies have proven that this non-invasive form of therapy is practical and safe at eliminating medications’ needs.

The technique used for adults and children is approached differently. The spinal manipulation technique will be performed differently based on size and weight. However, the ultimate goal of the adjustment is the same, to relieve the pressure from the nervous system and begin improving your overall health, and find relief from headaches, autoimmune diseases, digestive issues, diabetes, arthritis, and many other health-related conditions.

By blending chiropractic care and conventional methods, we’ll uncover the cause of your symptoms by learning about your medical history and lifestyle.

As a Westerville Chiropractor, we’ve been treating both children and adults and helping them to improve their overall health dramatically. If you’re ready to become active and healthy while preventing any possible health conditions, we can help.

Our Chiropractor Westerville office is waiting for you to call today to schedule an appointment and learn about how you and your family can benefit from regular chiropractic care.


What others say about Dr. Passifiume

Before coming to see Dr. Maureen I “was dealing with PMS, feeling sluggish and fertility issues.”

Since beginning my program, “I have more energy and more consistent emotions. Dr. Maureen is very patient, caring and compassionate.”

Hillary S

"Before coming to Restorative Health Center, I had heavy crampy, debilitating periods. And an abnormal pap - cervical & uterine concerns. Since I started my program with Dr. Maureen, my periods have significantly improved - lighter much less cramping. I used to miss a day a month (of work) due to my period pain & fatigue. I haven't missed a day due to my period in months! My cervical & uterine labs have resolved & I have a clean bill of health! Dr. Maureen is capable & compassionate, and listens without judgement."

Tamara T

I was having abdominal pain and could not get a diagnosis. I had seen my OB/GYN and gastroenterologist and had all kinds of test, but no one could figure out what was wrong with me. After starting my program with Dr. Maureen I have a diagnosis and treatment plan. I have lost over 20 pounds and feel like myself again. The pain is much more manageable now when it comes up- and I know why I was have the pain (usually I ate something that doesn’t agree with me). I have peace of mind now.


"Before coming to see Dr. Maureen I had painful, irregular menstrual cycles, acne and mood swings? Since beginning my program with Dr. Maureen, my cycles are regular. My skin looks do good. My PMS is minimal. I discovered food sensitivities that I now avoid and have lost weight and feel much better. I’ve been so happy with my progress in less than a year. It’s all definitely been worth it."

Irene B

My concerns before coming to see Dr. Maureen were fatigue, low immune system, menopause and back issues. After seeing Dr. Maureen I am no longer tired, almost never sick! I have increased energy. It costs me a lot of money when I miss work and I have to say never getting sick is THE BEST! Also my back is strong and doesn’t give me problems anymore.

Sheri R.

I love how knowledgeable Dr. Maureen is about women’s health specifically fertility and pregnancy. She has a very deep understanding of how a woman’s body works and how to have the best chances of a healthy pregnancy. She’s just a generally warm, caring person and my experiences with her helping me and my family have all been a blessing.

Liz P.

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